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Okay soooooo school is just around the corner. Excited? I know im not. Well Danielle has been naggin me to update so I am. I dont remember at all what I did the past days.. Yesterday I went to the lake with Trisha and the fam. Um that was exciting? Met some boys and one of them kissed me. Wow... that was awkward. Me and Trisha got some KILLER sunburns. Today we went to the mall and saw Robert n his pals about 50 billion times. Hung out with Barrett and some kid named Corey. Corey was cool he held my shopping bags for me. I saw Kris and you didn't suckers. Wow he has changed alot. He is soooooo skinny. Im sooo glad i got to see him! school is only a week away. this sucks a big hairy pimply ass!
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