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This weekend was soooo much fun!

Friday Me Stacie n Cortni went to the football game and hung out with Joe and Tyler and then went out to eat at Chilis alll by ourselfs cuz were big girls! And ran across the street to mcdonalds and bought sum goods. And then my mom picked us up and took us on a joy ride all around the neighborhood. Then i spent the night at stacies.

Saturday woke up went back home tooka shower then went to the mall with Stacie and we hung out and saw alot of total losers like Robert. Hung out with Danielle for a bit then went to my place for dinner and then Cortni came and picked us up and took us for a joy ride in her bros friends car. Wow she sucks at driving lol. Then We got on our bikes and went down by Lees house to Party. I peed in his toliet and then it started flowing up and then it was going down and then Cortni decided to flsuh it once more and then it started over flowing. Then we decided to leave and go to Trisha's. Then we went to HEB and to Cortnis and watched the football game.

Sunday Woke up tooka shower went to Stacies waited for Joe had to go home rode Cortni's bike back to Stacies hung out with Joe and Cassie for ike 10 minutes tops and they went to Cassies to get sum shit then me and Stacie hung out for lik an hour then Cassie and Joe came back and I had to go. That totally ruined my Joe time. Now im home and talking to Casey Anderson and Tom.
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